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I was sitting in my chair working on TLK stuff like reading about different online programs, webinars and classes. I do a lot of research like that.

When looking for something I need to buy, I break out into a bad case of OCD. Lol I usually know what I want so I focus on that and start shopping around and comparing prices. I want the very best deal!!! It may not be the cheapest, but it’s never the most expensive. I have to say I think it’s working pretty well. I am pleased with the things we have in our office. Many things were donated to us for our first home, including a little refrigerator/freezer. TLK has also spent a lot, but not too much. Every dollar was well worth it!

Not to brag but Our First Home is so amazing! It is perfect for our needs. You all should come by and see it! In fact, we’re having an ”Open Office Party” on Saturday, June 11th from 2:00 -4:00 pm. Our office building is on the SouthEast corner of 44th and Frances St. We are on the ground floor and our entrance is by the parking lot. The door for Tender Loving Kindness is the door to the left. You’ll see our office down the hall on the right. I would love to see a bunch of people, especially some new faces. So mark it on your calendar. see you then!

And truthfully, this “event” is actually called “Celebrate Kindness”. We are so incredibly thankful for those who support us and believe in us and stood by us during the last two years. It was so frustrating and heartbreaking. All I wanted was to be able to reach people who were lonely and would like a regular visitor….someone to talk to or play a game e weigh, put a puzzle together, etc..…. Something to sprinkle “Joy”.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my hear. God Bless You!♥️

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