I’m having such a JOYFUL day! I hope you are too!

Welcome to the Tender Loving Kindness Blog! This is something I have wanted for a long time and here it is!

The first thing I want to tell you about this blog is that it is not mine. It is everyone’s! It is my hope and prayer that you will want to keep coming back and will be moved to share thoughts or feelings at times. It’s a space for kindness and positivity.

So I am going to see how long it takes to get a reply (knowing that only a few of us know it’s here).

Now I am going to share something about myself and hopefully others will follow….

I am having a JOYFUL day! Admittedly, it would be even better if I wasn’t sick today, but I wasn’t going to let it steal my joy! It’s exciting knowing TLK will have it’s first home. A wonderful woman offered us a free printer. Blew my mind! Of course, as frequently happens, I end up eating my words! I had said whatever printer we pick will not be HP. This kind woman has an HP for me. Lol How could I say no? Besides the Board of Directors would probably fire me if I refused the printer.😉 Anyway, my smart and crafty friend fixed my printer/computer situation for me a little over a week ago and the printer is working well and often! Thanks L💕

Peace & Light!

Who’s up next (don’t be shy)….

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