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A little about us

Tender Loving Kindness (TLK), a nonprofit, based in Omaha, Nebraska, formed in February 2020 just as life across the U.S. forever changed because of the COVID19 pandemic. In an instant, the vision of TLK Executive Director Terri Mahoney to support elderly who report feeling socially isolated and who experience chronic loneliness became even more pressing to make a reality. Our network of volunteers, or kindness companions as we prefer to call them, across the Omaha metro desire to "show up and show kindness" that makes a lasting difference in the lives of seniors desiring companionship. TLK endeavors to team up with Big O organizations dedicated to supporting the well-being of seniors, including area assisted and longterm care facilities, care-at-home agencies and faith-based communities. 

"My life's work is finding ways to enrich the lives of seniors who are seeking meaningful companionship and desiring additional life purpose."
- Terri Mahoney, Ex. Director

Meet our board 


Our Board has a lot of heart, made up of service-driven and compassionate women.

L-R: Robin Boeck, Secretary; Mary Durkan, Volunteer Development; Sheri Sallee, Chair; Mona Halpenny, Remote Senior Outreach Programs; Lorraine Dalziel, Vice-Chair; Barb Geier, Finance Chair and Community Partnerships

"Across my life experiences, I've seen how spending meaningful time with seniors is as much a gift to me, as it is to those God has brought into my life. Loneliness isn't determined by age. It occurs across our lifetimes. Connection is a human need."- Sheri Sallee,
"TLK's mission is near and dear to me. I take very seriously our judicious use
of charitable gifts donated
to TLK. My years of accounting experience  
will support TLK as it
pursues numerous fundraising opportunities."
- Barb Geier, Board
"Throughout my career as
a Speech-Language Pathologist, I spent much time with the elderly and valued that connection. 
With my background, and with my desire to address loneliness, I am grateful to be part of TLK."
- Robin Boeck, Board